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Discover Argentario

The Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola is located in the middle of the Argentario encircled by a natural universe of extraordinaire beauty. It is close by all that is worthwhile visiting:

Porto Ercole

This medieval borgo (small village) of fishermen—notwithstanding that it is also one of the destinations selected by VIPs seeking a wonderful vacation—has managed to maintain intact its characteristic atmosphere and picturesque style that has differentiated it for centuries.

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Porto Santo Stefano

A preferred vacation post since Roman times, this genuine maritime borgo possesses two ports. You must take an evening stroll around the small Pilarella harbour and then along the promenade of the Navigatori elaborated by Giugiaro.

Here, you might relax sipping a coffee or imbibing on a candlelight dinner in one of the many restaurants that face the sea.

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Situated in the center of the Orbetello lagoon, Orbetello's geographic conformation has its own fascinating personality.

It reminds one of a little island immersed in uncontaminated nature and linked to the Argentario by only an arm's length tract of land that subdivides the lagoon into the Levante and Ponente.

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Laguna di Orbetello

This oasis is protected by the World Wildlife Fund. It offers visitors a vast gamma of natural spectaculars.

In winter—probably the best time to visit it—thousands upon thousands of birds stop over on their journeys along their migratory routes.

The same birds, including the very rare Cavaliere d’Italia that inspired the artist Fulco Pratesi, fight to stay alive in this area that has become a protected reserve especially for them.

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Beyond the splendid dovetailing with the swimming establishment of the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, the Argentario boasts of beaches among the most beautiful in all of Italy.

The Tomboli of Feniglia and Giannella at Orbetello are perfect for family outings because the crystal-clear, shallow waters are particularly safe for children.

The Cala Grande, the spotless Cala del Gesso, with its cobalt and pebble bottom, and the Cannelle, favored by scuba divers and snorkelers, are truly striking beaches where you can enjoy hours of relaxation basking in the Tuscan sun.

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Art gardens

If you are a lover of contemporary art, there are the Garden of Tarocchi and the garden of Daniel Spoerri.

The Giardino of Tarocchi at Capalbio was realized in 1979 by the French sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle and inspired by the Parco Guell in Barcellona. Inside this marvel of art, there are 22 majestic statues representing 22 Tarocchi cards set in a succession of art and nature that completes the presentation.

In the 1990s the Swiss artist, Daniel Spoerri, brought to fruition a garden of environmental art.

This garden is located 80 kilomretes from Siena where today it boasts 103 works by 50 different artists.

Tuscan Arcipelago Islands

A few minutes by boat from the Argentario seven islands of the Tuscan Arcipelago can be found: Elba, Giannutri, Giglio, Capraia, Gorgona, Pianosa and Montecristo.

Every week from Porto Santo Stefano mini-cruises leave for these islands. All of them are characterized by possessing an intact nature and waters which are the most limpid in Tuscany.

Golf, Polo & Other Activities

Sojourning at the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola will provide you with an exclusive access to some of the best on the promontory.

These include the Golf & Polo Club of Maremma and the CM Equitation Centre. There are also numerous opportunities for snorkeling and diving devotees. And for wine lovers, we offer wine tastings and guided tours to some of the most beautiful wine cellars in the Argentario and Maremma.