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Cala Piccola: the love nest of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

The splendid nature, idyllic atmosphere, and the scent of the sea in the Argentario bring to mind memories of magnificent summers. An atmosphere that has given life to many new loves and made generations dream. The Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola was the backdrop to one of the world’s most intense love stories. Gorgeous Hollywood stars Liz Taylor and Richard Burton eloped to the Argentario once and chose Cala Piccola as their discreet and dreamy destination, exactly 60 years ago, in 1963. Their love blossomed as they were shooting Cleopatra in Cinecittà, in Rome, and although they were both married at the time, they found it impossible to resist that passion. Immediately pasted on to the front pages of newspapers, their intense and tumultuous relationship was marked by romantic elopements, cheating, memorable fights and spectacular gifts from Burton to Taylor in the hopes he’d be forgiven – gifts such as a 70-carat diamond. Nina Benini, director of Cala Piccola back at the time, told current president Massimo Sandrelli described their arrival at the hotel as sudden and unexpected, like a lightning bolt. All they asked for was maximum discretion and tranquillity. Nina Benini complied by barricading the hotel against journalists and photographers. Only one of the “dolce vita” photographers, Marcello Geppetti, managed to snatch a handful of shots of the couple at the Calla Piccola little beach and in the streets of Porto Santo Stefano. Their mad love ended in a divorce in 1976. In 1978, Liz auctioned off her 70-carat diamond. But their last love letter was written by Burton to Liz, in 1984, prior to his death in Switzerland. The memory of their overwhelming passion has resisted for sixty years and the Boutique Hotel Cala Piccola has remained an oasis of peace and discretion where guests can live moments of awe as they admire Argentario sunsets and watch new, intense loves blossom.
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Your holiday in Argentario from 14th May: the news for 2021

Always a place to escape the frenzy of everyday life, Argentario is known for its beautiful springs and summers, its secluded location that lends privacy and tranquility, and its microclimate where warm yet breezy days allow tourists to relax while breathing the clean and healthy sea air. We are pleased to be reopening the doors of the Torre di Cala Piccola Boutique Hotel on May 14th: here you can finally find peace, greeted by the sea breeze and cocooning nature. Here there is no crowd, no noise, no stress: the rooms are all arranged on terraces that follow the natural flow of the territory, accessible by narrow streets lined with plants. Keywords: health and beauty. We are ready to welcome you back with lots of news for 2021:   Rooms and Suites We have always been an oasis of well-being: from this year in our Boutique Hotel we sanitise floors and hard surfaces with Anti Covid protocol detergents according to Italian health authority guidelines. All staff on the floors use protective equipment in accordance with the law. We pay particular attention to cleaning buttons, door and window handles, cabinets and showers and remote controls - which we will supply in sanitised containers. Check-in Upon arrival, we will welcome you wearing personal protective equipment and provide you with all the information you need to make your stay enjoyable and safe. You will find stations with hand disinfection products and points where you can download all the information and schedules of services, menus and much more in digital format on your smartphone. We also have a temperature sensor. Beaches We have expanded our beach offer. To ensure that you enjoy the magnificent coves and beaches of the Argentario in total safety and respect for social distancing, at the Torre di Cala Piccola Boutique Hotel we offer you access to several affiliated bathing establishments. From coves with rocky seabeds, to the fine sand of Giannella, we will book for you, and you can choose a different establishment easily accessible by car every day. If you prefer to discover the free beaches you can ask for a tasty lunch box, choosing between different menus including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Restaurant The Torre d'Argento Restaurant is ready to welcome you back with the culinary emotions of always. Safety distances will be guaranteed by the three rooms, which are constantly sanitised and independent from each other. We will avoid paper menus by providing you with a QR code to read all our proposals digitally. We have also redesigned our garden to allow you to admire the spectacular sunset. For room service we will use disposable materials avoiding contact as much as possible. Health Our property makes use of the collaboration of a medical staff available to support those who need it. Our contacted person is Dr Renato Tulino, Dr Romilda Casuscelli, Dr Antonietta Lucignai, Dr Pasquale Gnoni. Activities may be carried out by teleconsultation or medical examination. It will also be possible to have specialist care: Dentist, Dr Tambelli (office in Porto S.Stefano and Grosseto) and Veterinarian, Dr Stefani (vet clinic Costa D'Argento) our staff will take care (h24) by calling the doctor or specialist that you need. Flexible policies At the Torre di Cala Piccola Boutique Hotel you can cancel your reservation up to 7 days in advance: you won't be charged any penalty. Book on our official website to discover the advantages of direct booking. Holidays are desired, anticipated, planned with joy: don't let fear take away the pleasure of living them. Our staff and Tuscany are waiting for you.
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Torre di Cala Piccola on Linea Blu: amidst the fortresses and towers of Argentario

Driving along Argentario’s hairpin bends, strolling through its nature or admiring the mainland from the sea of the Tuscan Archipelago, the skyline is pierced with the remnants of towers and fortresses. These pieces of history tell the tales of the promontory, a beautiful area surrounded by the Mediterranean Maquis that, since the Sienese occupation of 1410, took on a fundamental role in control of the sea. It was the subsequent arrival of the Spanish that saw Argentario become a military landmark. Historian Gualtiero Della Monaca reveals the story of the State of the Presidi created by Philip II of Spain in the episode of “Linea Blu” that aired on the Rai 1 television station on 14th November 2020. The defensive system dating back to 1559 included the garrison of the Lagoon of Orbetello, the Porto Ercole maritime stronghold, the Talamone Castle, the Port of Santo Stefano and some twenty coastal towers, including the Torre di Cala Piccola. Our Torre di Cala Piccola was within view of the Torre di Capo d'Uomo ‒ the tallest and most significant, of which only remnants have survived. Originally named Torre della Ficaia, it then became Torre del Bove and subsequently Torre di Cala Piatti. The current name ‒ Torre di Cala Piccola ‒ is linked to the genesis of our Boutique Hotel. Of the many fortresses and towers constructed throughout the centuries, only a few remain intact. Their remnants form the backdrop to incredible views of the sea, walks amongst nature and sunsets after a swim. Those to have been restored and which can be visited on a stroll through the villages, are the Rocca Spagnola and Forte Stella di Porto Ercole, the Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano. The latter was built in the first decades of the 17th century, representing an example of Spanish military architecture, with breathtaking views to be admired from its terraces. It houses permanent exhibitions and archaeological finds salvaged from the waters of the Tuscan archipelago. Porto Ercole’s Rocca Spagnola is reached by walking through the town centre until coming to the panoramic road. The forecourt offers a superb view of the harbour and the sea. To visit the interior requires authorisation from the Municipality of Monte Argentario. The Forte Stella in Porto Ercole was constructed in 1557 and is ‒ as the name suggests ‒ in the shape of a star. This venue that today hosts exhibitions and events can be reached from the scenic road, heading away from Porto Ercole. Also from this vantage point, the view of the sea is simply magnificent.
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A cocktail at sunset with Luca Sardella

Here at the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, we love to welcome guests who talk about their experience in the Argentario. A few weeks ago, Luca Sardella came to visit us for a relaxing cocktail at sunset. In the episode of “Sempre Verde” that aired on the Rete 4 television channel on 24th October, the famous host and agronomist visited the Cala Piccola, reminding the public about the exclusivity of our Boutique Hotel that is much loved by celebrities and those who love the good life. On his journey on a discovery of the Argentario area, Sardella visited the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve, a 6-7-kilometre dune with an area of 474 hectares connecting the promontory to Orbetello. It is a magnificent place for a stroll through nature, to explore the lush flora and beautiful fauna. Indeed, Sardella closely admired certain plants such as Lentisco, an arboreal species typical of the Mediterranean Scrub, used in the Roman Etruscan era to make oil to burn for illumination. Then there is the Stracciabraghe, another name for the local Salsapariglia plant, a vine with abundant spines and heart-shaped leaves. Not to be missed at lunch was savouring one of the typical dishes of the Argentario area, the Caldaro di Pesce – originally a poor soup made by fishermen, it was prepared when out on the waters to cast nets. How is it prepared? First, fresh fish is essential – a mixture of tub gurnard, red scorpionfish, weever, fresh cuttlefish, baby octopus, slipper lobster and certain mussels. After preparing a base of garlic and fresh tomatoes, baby octopus and white wine is added. In accordance with their cooking time, the other seafood varieties are added. The soup is ready in about twenty minutes. Towards evening, simply head back to Cala Piccola for a nice pre-dinner drink whilst enjoying the majestic sunset, overlooking the Giglio and Giannutri islands. This is the dreamy atmosphere, with a view extending as far as the eye can see, that only our Boutique Hotel surrounded by Mediterranean Scrub can offer. Not only Sardella but every guest feels like a VIP here. Our staff will pamper you to ensure you savour an unforgettable holiday, because relaxation is the true luxury.
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The wines of Argentario

Land and sea: a symbiotic relationship that in Argentario, offers beautiful views and authentic flavours. Here, cultivating vineyards has retained its strong identity over the years. Growing on the terraces overlooking the sea is the white grape Ansonica, the fruit to have found home in the microclimate of Monte Argentario and the Tuscan Maremma. The Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario DOC wine that originates from the native vine of the same name, grows in Argentario and on the Isola del Giglio. With a slightly fruity bouquet, this straw-coloured wine has a dry yet soft taste to pair exceptionally well with the seafood delights of the Torre d’Argento Restaurant. The grapes of this variety are extensively worked in the vineyard to reduce the number of bunches per plant and the size of the single bunch. Harvesting occurs in early October when the sugars and aromatic precursors reach their highest concentrations. In the first stages of processing, the must is refrigerated to as low as 10° C to preserve the precious characteristics of the end product. The fermentation at controlled temperature follows a long ageing on noble lees, with daily bâtonnage. Another wine produced in the Monte Argentario cellars is the Maremma Toscana IGT from the Province of Grosseto. The Maremma Toscana IGT denomination represents one of the most important wine-growing areas of the region. It is a fascinating area, able to express excellent wines with a sunny characteristic and Mediterranean profile thanks to the beautiful hilly exposures along with the hot and dry climate, mitigated by proximity to the sea. The cellars of Argentario In Argentario, the farms and wineries produce Ansonica, Parrina DOC and Maremma Toscana IGT. In Porto Santo Stefano, there is the Calagrande Winery, owned by the Osio Brothers that has been producing red and white wines since 1932, with both the Ansonica and Maremma Toscana IGT. Do you want to taste the best Tuscan wines? Trust in our sommeliers. The Ristorante Torre d'Argento wine list offers a broad selection of local labels.
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Argentario Dog Beaches

Travelling with your family or friends is one of the great pleasures in life. Our four-legged friends are also part of the family, accompanying us on our adventures more than ever. Hence why at the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, we gladly host small pets so that you don’t have to give up on holidaying with all members of the family. Upon arrival, we will present you with a puppy-kit complete with food bowl, absorbent mats and spare poop bags. Argentario even has some dog beaches, especially in the ayres of Feniglia and Giannella, ideal places for forging unforgettable memories by the sea with your canine. When staying at our Boutique Hotel, you can also set off on a discovery of these beaches that are happy to welcome you with your four-legged friend. About 18 kilometres from the Torre di Cala Piccola, on the ayre of Feniglia, is the Playa del Can. Even the name itself hints at the guarantee of fun for your faithful friend – this beach allows up to two dogs per person and offers shaded areas, fresh water spots and clean-up bags. Tuscany as a whole is quite pet-friendly. By the beautiful sea of Orbetello, just a few kilometres from our Boutique Hotel, there are six public beaches for dogs. One area is that of the coast of Fertilia, between Fonteblanda and Talamone. Then there is a stretch of Feniglia in the locality “Il Caravaggio”. The town of Tagliata in Ansedonia also has a dog beach, whilst others can be found on the coast of Giannella and in Torre Saline. Leashes are a must at all of these beaches. To offer your four-legged friend the best stay possible, please contact the Reception to inform us of your needs.
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Boat trips around the Argentario

Set out from the Argentario and reach the islands of the Tuscan archipelago directly by sea. Admire unforgettable views, dive into the blue waters and explore the magnificent nature of these islands for an experience to remember. Choose from the many tours and mini cruises to explore both the coves of the Argentario and the islands of the Mediterranean directly by sail boat, in a rubber dinghy or on a mini cruise. Merely gazing out the window and seeing the sea upon arriving at the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola is enough to inspire you to take a nice boat ride. The Concierge service can provide all the details regarding excursions and rentals, to enjoy the archipelago nudged by the sea breeze. Bookings for the mini cruises, boat or dinghy tours can also be made and at affordable prices. Upon request, we can even prepare lunchboxes to take on the boat. Some interesting boat tours departing from Porto Santo Stefano include:   A mini cruise from the Isola del Giglio to Giannutri A day to experience the beautiful islands of Giglio and Giannutri, savouring the sun, sea and walks amongst nature. The mini cruise departing from Porto Santo Stefano to reach the Isola del Giglio – the second largest island in the archipelago – in an hour. During the stop, it is possible to visit or have a guided tour of this pearl of the Mediterranean, characterised by 90% of its territory being untouched to this day. After Giglio, you reach Giannutri, the small island extending a mere 500 metres in width and 5 kilometres in length that is part of the National Park of the Tuscan archipelago. Maxi cruise to the Island of Elba, Montecristo and the Island of Giglio A maxi cruise visiting the most famous sites of the Archipelago. Elba is undoubtedly the largest and most famous mass of land. Then there is Montecristo, made famous by Alexander Dumas’ novel, “The Count of Montecristo”. Not to be forgotten is Giglio, the pearl of the Mediterranean. Elba is reached via the islets known as the “Ants of Grosseto”. After a stop at Porto Azzurro, you will set out to circumnavigate Montecristo. The Natural Reserve of Montecristo is an extraordinary place, a sanctuary of nature and very fragile from an environmental point of view. Indeed, access is strictly regulated by both land and sea. Next comes a visit to the Island of Giglio. The Calette dell’Argentario and diving off the Scoglio del Corallo Diving enthusiasts can discover the magnificent seabed of the Argentario coast, rich in underwater itineraries. One of the best-known spots is right in front of the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola, the Scoglio del Corallo. The coves ‒ Cala del Gesso, Cala del Bove, Cala Piccola and Cala d’Uomo ‒ are even more beautiful when reached by sea, aboard a sailing boat or rubber dinghy. For additional information and to find out more about boat tours, ask our Concierge service.
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Trails for exploring Argentario on foot or by bike

Monte Argentario offers beautiful views of the Tuscan archipelago, a microclimate perfect for savouring the summer season and unparalleled nature, ideal for those who love to pass their holidays trekking. At the Argentario, lovers of long walks will find the perfect pathways for exploring the more secluded green tracks less travelled by tourists, to relax whilst strolling through the Mediterranean scrub. Not 'just' a blue sea and unforgettable views – this stretch of authentic Tuscany possesses all the characteristics sought after by those wanting to chill out far from the daily hustle and bustle. There are many beauties to visit: from the nature reserve of Duna Feniglia and the Orbetello lagoon - a WWF oasis - along with the villages of Porto Santo Stefano and Porto d’Ercole. Walking, strolling or trekking on the promontory of Monte Argentario is an enchanting experience. We recommend meandering along some easy trails to discover the Argentario on foot or by bike, including: 1) The ring from Porto Santo Stefano to Capo d'Uomo Setting out from the port of Porto Santo Stefano, take the road to the fortress then turn left and climb until you’ve left the town. Continue along the path that becomes narrower as you approach Capo d’Uomo - along the way, you’ll spy the sea and the island of Giglio in the distance. On the return trip, head down through the woods to go back to Porto Santo Stefano. On the right, a couple of kilometres before arrival, is a detour to the Forte del Pozzarello, an alternative route that stretches the walk by about a kilometre. 2) From Porto Santo Stefano to the Convento dei Passionisti This 15-kilometre route is almost entirely along dirt roads. It starts from the Cala del Pozzarello, 2 kilometres from Porto Santo Stefano, and climbs towards the Costa delle Capanne. Heading downhill, follow the paved road to reach the 18th-century Convento dei Passionisti, a peaceful location from which fantastic views can be admired before crossing the countryside of Porto Ercole. 3) Monte Argentario cycling ring This long 45-kilometre ride crosses the entire promontory. It is also possible to head out from the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola to reach the panoramic road that extends along the entire coast, linking Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano. The route allows you to admire the remains of the many coastal watchtowers. Once having reached Porto Ercole, you can see Forte Stella, Forte Filippo and the Rocca. Continue to Porto Santo Stefano to return to the point of departure. This route is part of our “Argentario in e-bike” offer that includes e-bike rental and environmental hiking guide. 4) Convento dei Passionisti ring — Torre Argentiera by bike This ride extending some 30 kilometres can also start out from the Boutique Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola. After an initial ascent, the dirt road crosses the countryside, vineyards and Mediterranean scrub until reaching the Croce Monumentale, one of the most beautiful vantage points from where the lagoon of Orbetello and the ayres of Feniglia and Giannella can be seen. Continue downhill towards the Convento dei Passionisti then get back on the road for Torre Argentiera. This route is part of our “Argentario in e-bike” offer that includes e-bike rental and environmental hiking guide. 5) Nature trail to the Duna Feniglia This route is designed to allow direct contact with nature, even for people with disabilities. There are 15 stations joined by a wooden handrail, with stretches in Braille for discovering the various aspects of the Duna nature reserve and tactile signs to learn about its characteristics. About 850 metres long, it takes around 1.5 hours to complete. The path is located at the entrance of the Feniglia, on the Porto Ercole side. 6) The Camminata dei Rioni This trekking route is split along the four districts that compete in the Palio Marinaro every 15th August. Departing from Via Spaccabellezze, the trail is about 3.6 kilometres long. Continuing along, you pass above the cemetery and come to a small canyon of sorts. After about 25-30 minutes of walking, you reach a junction. Continue straight until reaching the altimetric peak of the trek. Once at the sign signalling Ronconali, continue right along a descent that leads to the Fortezza, advancing once more towards Via del Forte to then pass by the church of Porto Santo Stefano Protomartire and ending the itinerary in the main piazza. All trekking or cycling enthusiasts can ask for further details at the Reception. We can also recommend many other trails and pathways for exploring the magnificent Monte Argentario.
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Torre di Cala Piccola becomes a Boutique Hotel

A story made of sea, joie de vivre, jet-set stars and, of course, stunning views. The Torre di Cala Piccola Hotel has been one of the most exclusive locations in Argentario since the 1960s. It is one of the most popular hotels in the area, and a favourite spot for guests who love to lose themselves between the infinity of the sea and the green of nature. Monte Argentario is an unmissable part of Tuscany, surrounded by a sometimes wild nature, looking out to the magnificent islands of the Archipelago. Here, silence and privacy are the real luxury. This is the inspiration for the concept behind transforming Torre di Cala Piccola into a Boutique Hotel: the idea is of an exclusivity that keeps pace with the times, always focusing on the vision of luxury as a relaxed state of mind, in harmony with the surrounding nature and the sea, because "Luxury should be within everyone's reach", according to Hotel Manager Stefania Marconi. Why become a Boutique Hotel? Torre di Cala Piccola has always been an independent hotel that has made the panorama, nature and hospitality its strong point. The architecture reflects the natural course of the land, the rooms are arranged in terraces accessed by narrow streets lined with plants and flowers; the rooms have all been renovated in a sober and elegant style; the flavours of the "Torre d'Argento" restaurant are authentic, and our services will be more and more personalised.   First and foremost, the Boutique Hotel will promote the "Tuscan Lifestyle": in the lobby of Torre di Cala Piccola, a small boutique with the best of Tuscan craftsmanship has already been set up. Guests will be able to buy and take home a piece of their experience: wines and oils, beauty products by Idea Toscana made with organic "Toscano IGP" extra virgin olive oil, leather accessories and costume jewellery, all strictly Made in Tuscany. Come and discover Torre di Cala Piccola Boutique Hotel: book on the official website to get exclusive advantages reserved for direct customers!
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Torre d'Argento Restaurant: here is the take-away menu and the recipe by Chef Carrieri

Carefully selected ingredients, traditional Tuscan dishes combining with innovative techniques, and a magnificent atmosphere overlooking the sea: the Torre d'Argento Restaurant and Chef Carrieri are ready to welcome you back with all the magic of the past and plenty of innovations for summer 2020. Your holiday in Argentario will also be a treat for your taste buds, tasting and loving the Chef's dishes, which are also available to take away. Health, beauty and also taste: the Torre d'Argento Restaurant is reopening its doors, offering the authentic flavours that are its hallmark, along with the desire to accompany you on your journey to discover Argentario. That's why we created the take-away menu, with the best choices from our kitchen so you can eat well wherever you are, by the sea or even at home. But that's not all: Chef Carrieri has agreed to reveal the secrets of one of the dishes on the restaurant's menu, his "Raw rose shrimp with orange and burrata". A fresh dish with authentic flavours for your summer in Argentario. "This dish represents the encounter between my land, Puglia, and the flavours of the Argentario sea," says Chef Carrieri. Recipe: Raw rose shrimp on orange juice and burrata Ingredients for 2 people: 300 g Argentario rose shrimp 4 oranges 100 g fresh burrata EVO fresh herbs (wild dill, marjoram, mint) Instructions Clean the shrimp, squeeze the oranges and then strain the juice. Blend the burrata until it forms the consistency of a mousse. Pour the orange juice onto a shallow soup plate, arrange the shrimp in a circle and add the burrata mousse. Finish the dish with the fresh herbs. The Chef's secrets? The Argentario shrimp, an icon of this wonderful territory, and the fresh burrata from Puglia. A perfect combination with the acidity of the orange. Soon we will reveal new recipes and secrets directly from our kitchen. In the meantime, enjoy our gourmet take-away food! Torre d’Argento Restaurant take-away The service is active at lunch from 12 to 3 pm and at dinner from 7 to 8.30 pm. Download the take-away menu now and call us on +39 0564825111 for more information or bookings.
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